Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Spread the word with family and friends

Thanks again for generously supporting Ermineskin Adopt a School 2012

It only takes a few minutes to help us spread the word about our program. How? Your social media networks make it easy. Just share your personal link so your friends and family can help you support your adopted school.

Please spread the word, and help put books into the hands of every child at the school you adopted.

Here's to building a lifelong love of reading and learning for all children,

The Adopt a School Team

Please click on the following page to Adopt our School.

Adopt a school: 78 adopters, 133 books given to our school (25% goal achieved. Target is 600 books. A book in the hand of every student.)

Accelerated Reading program Week 2: 505 books read; 852,968 words read

Book Fair: October 18 to 31

Just a reminder Screening of Spirit of Bluebird is at the Ermineskin Mall this Friday, September 28, from 12 to 2 pm followed by a Q and A with Jesse and Xtine the film makers, animation workshop and hands-on spray painting.

Monday, 24 September 2012


[Adopt a School]
A good way of reminding your staff and students to support Adopt a School 2012 is by giving them updates about the program.

Morning announcements are the perfect time to keep everyone informed about your school's fundraising. Plus it's a great way to motivate and make it fun – you can announce which classroom is currently in the lead for raising donations.

Updates are an easy method to ensure we put a book into the hands of every child at your school.

Happy fundraising,

The Adopt a School Team

Build a Bookshelf: The Library Makeover Contest

[Adopt a School]
Build a Bookshelf: The Library Makeover Contest

We want to rejuvenate ten school libraries. Don't wait - sign up your school today:

Enter your school by uploading pictures and videos, including a description of the current state of your library and why you deserve to win.


The top ten schools with the most points each win 50 books, which will be generously provided by First Book Canada.
The winning school receives $10,000 in cash to remake its library.

Here's to happy endings,

The Adopt a School Team